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Clubs and Organizations

SMS also provides program based on the school's objective of developing a total person. It is a supportive of the school's mission and complements the classroom instruction by translating into actual practice principles acquired in class. The students are encouraged to join clubs and organization like, Student Body Organization (SBO) where student council is geared towards the development of leadership whose officers are elected by the high school students. The organization was established to represent the interest and concerns of the student body, to seek students input on issues and to act on student issues. It assumes the responsibilities of participatory governance on behalf of the students and mutual relationship with the faculty, staff and administration. Its mission is to represent the concerns and serve the needs of the students' body.

Students can also join the Communication Arts Club which provides seminars, lectures and trainings, and workshops that will discover or further enhance the members' talents in hosting, acting, directing, scriptwriting, props making, public speaking, film making (independent films) and photography. It also gives students an alternative way to earn a living in case they won't be able to pursue their college education and foster camaraderie among students of different levels.

Students with analytic mind could join Mathematics Club which aims to increase further knowledge which the students gain in their math subjects. It also seeks to develop the students' interest and abilities in Math through activities like peer teaching, observance of Math Week, participation in Math Contest and attending Math workshops. Students are exposed to fun and challenging activities like Sudoku, DAMath and Math Camp.

Those who are environmentally inclined can be members of Science Club. This club aims to promote environmental awareness through recycling, tree-planting, gardening, segregating waste, and caring for animals and plants.

For socio-cultural activities, the students can join the SMS Dance Theatre. It is composed of dynamic, character-driven, talented and young individuals to a very meaningful and productive lifestyle of promoting our culture and thereby bring honor to the Southernside Montessori School and city of Muntinlupa. It also aims to promote the Filipino arts, culture and rich heritage of our country.

For other socio-cultural activities, students can join the SMS Choir and SMS Band which includes the orchestra, lyre, banduria and anklung.

Students can also join the Young Artist Club. This club aims to develop student's potential in expressing their creativity through drawing, sketching and painting.

For students who are fun of reading, organizing and collecting books, they could join the book Lover's Club. Through this, students are involved in storytelling, donating books and organizing book fair.

To hone students' knowledge and skills, the school holds different activities yearly like:

  • Nutrition Month
  • Linggo ng Wika with some other activities like:
    • Sabayang Pagbigkas, and
    • Elocution Contest (Filipino Category),
  • GSP-BSP Investiture
  • United Nations
  • GSP-BSP Camping
  • Costume Parade
  • Family Day
  • Mr. and Ms. SMS
  • Intramurals with some other activities like:
    • Cheering Competition
    • Ball Games
    • Laro ng Lahi
    • Field Demonstration
  • Indie Film Showing
  • Clubs Tournament
  • Elocution Contest (English Category)
  • JS-Promenade
  • Academic Contest like Quiz Bee
  • Recognition Day
  • Graduation Day
  • Graduation Ball

To cater the spiritual needs of the students, the school provides activities like: Spiritual Retreat, First Communion Rite, Thanksgiving Mass and Baccalaureate Mass.

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