Overview SMS Distance Learning School Year 2020-2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Southernside Montessori School (SMS) will implement online distance learning for the entirety of School Year 2020-2021.

In line with Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) of the Department of Education,  list of core or essential apps and video conferencing will be provided to the students. Accomplishing this    endeavor, we encourage parents/ guardians to provide either a laptop or desktop and internet connection to maximize child's learning this school year.

SMS embarks on Online Distance Learning, aided By GENYO E-learning Management System Platform, a fully integrated online package with interactive multimedia content.

To give you an overview of our continuity plan, here are information for your guidance.


I. Opening of school year will be on August 3, 2020.

School Calendar and Class schedules will be available once enrollment is completed.


II. Learning Delivery Mode

Pre School

A. Lessons, worksheets and activities will be uploaded in our Learning Management System (LMS),  Genyo E-learning.  Assistance of a parent/ guardian is needed in using the device.  Each student will be provided with account number.  Practical life activities are also included in the tasks.

There will be class discussions, with a minimum of eight students per session, thru video conferencing.  All activities in circle time can be done like dancing, singing, exercising and storytelling.  Special sessions will be available to students who missed previous lessons.

Distribution of worksheets will be scheduled, for those who have limited online access.

Our joint effort, teachers and parents, is very vital for child's distance learning.


Grades 1-12

A. Lesson packages, that are carefully created by the teachers, will be uploaded weekly into the student's personal learning management (LMS) account.  Genyo e-learning will be used as LMS in facilitating lessons.  For Grades1-3, a parent/ guardian presence is recommended.

Discussions will be via video conferencing and will be facilitated by subject teachers in school. (Teacher's) Conducting of online classes will be at SMS, while students are in their own homes. Synchronous online classes  for Grades 1-12 will have maximum of four hours in the interest of limiting their screen time use, as recommended by World Health Organization to avoid visual hazards.

Interactive virtual instructional materials and activities will be given.

Grades 11 and 12 will have STEM, ABM and GAS classes.

Modules will be provided monthly to those who have limited access to device and internet.  Learning kits/modules will be picked up by parents/ guardians in school, and return the following month.  These will be the basis for the student's assessment..

Textbooks are our standard reference in complementary with lessons created in our LMS, Genyo.

Class attendance will be checked during online classes.  Tardiness will be noted.

Teachers and students must be in uniform during online class/ meeting.  For transferees, a plain white top clothing with sleeves may be worn.  Hats/caps and sunglasses are not allowed.

Advisory periods with class will be scheduled.


B. Assessment

Grading is based on assessment results.  Scheduled seatworks, quizzes and performance tasks will be monitored by subject teachers.  Assignment will also be given to reinforce learning skills which will be viewed by the teachers to assess the student's mastery of lesson.

Parents may log in to their child/ren's LMS account to see their progress/ output.


Our teachers and our Guidance counselors are available for academic assistance and consultation during school days by appointment, throughout school year 2020-2021.


III. Enrollment Schedule and Tentative Schedule of Classes (Please click the link)


IV. Campus safety measures

Strict protocols are being implemented as preventive measures to Covid 19.  Prior entry, temperature are checked.  No mask, no entry and physical distancing are being observed.  Additional washing areas are installed, sanitizing agents are readily available.


Rest assured that in every decision we make, it is always the welfare of our students given with utmost importance.  Our school worked hard and continuously exploring better solution on how we can best deliver quality education during this unexpected occurrence.

We will give updates as we prepare for this academic year.

To ease your worries and concerns,  you may call us at (632) 85567398 and (632) 88429230, a scheduled appointment with our Director is preferred.


SMS Management.


For updates, you may check Announcements www.southernsidemontessori.edu.ph

        Or call (632) 85567398

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